09 December 2011

The Brownie Bake Off

A few weeks back Daughter had one of her buddies sleep over.  Since it was brrr cold outside they decided to make brownies.  And since we had two boxes they each wanted to make a batch and do a brownie bake off.  "Umm ya, sure, why not? Sounds fun!"

Two different brands of brownie mix, two 11 year olds, all the ingredients + some sweets, and they were off!

The two of them gathered everything they needed and wanted to whip up the best brownies ever.  Rachel wanted to top hers with m&ms and Kylee wanted m&ms and crushed candy cane.

After they mixed their mixes and got them in their pans they each licked their bowls clean. Almost spotless, I am not kidding.

While the brownies baked they worked on some duct tape creations (post to come on this).  Are you suprised? Naaahhh

38 to 41 minutes later ... ta da! 

I was lucky enough to be the judge. Guess what? They both were so delicious, I couldn't decide who's was better. So, I called it a tie. 

Good job ladies!

02 December 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

ev'ry where you go;
take a look in the five-and-ten, glistening once again
with candy canes and silver lanes aglow.

It is that time of year already. Boy, this sure did come up fast this time around. I am not complaining because I love this holiday so much. It's time for yummy smelling candles, Christmas trees, lights - lots of lights, poinsettias and candy canes, garland, snowmen, ornaments and my favorite, stockings.  I really LOVE stockings!


This weekend we have one free day so we will be finishing our decorating ~ YAY!  Our tree is up but not decorated, we have lots to do!  Welp, at least we have the lights on the house. I like coming home and seeing the house lit up.  This makes me smile. 

Also, I am hoping to squeeze in a family photo for our Christmas cards.  We didn't do cards last year so I really, really, really want to do them this year.  Wish us luck!

Oh! And I want to finish the DIY garland idea I came up with {post to come}. This garland is so cute, you'll love it!

Enjoy your weekend. Tootles.

01 December 2011

a quick pupdate

Most of you know already but if you don't, we have welcomed Willie [Mays] to our family.  He is so very adorable. See ...

Sweet little Willie was born in early October and is Jeter's brother, literally. They have the same mom and dad.

We had planned on gettng Jeter a playmate but hadn't decided on when.  Since we heard their mom was set to deliver the last litter she would ever have we decided to swipe up this little bundle of cuteness. 

Jeter is so happy to have a playmate now.  So happy in fact he licks Willie's ears until they are sopping wet.  We asked the vet about this and she said it's Jeter showing Willie that he loves him.  Like when they lick us, they are saying I love you.  Cute huh. 

These two pups have so much fun together.  The puppy's bark is hilarious. It's hardly a peep but he thinks he is pretty intimidating. I'm giggling just thinking about it.

Potty training is going very well and he is eating like a champ.  He also demands you take him out of his crate the instant you get home. 

Stay tuned for future pupdates!