28 May 2010

Dear Tall Wedge Boots

Dear Tall Wedge Boots ~

Thank you for wearing so well this entire winter.
You are oh so comfortable for such an adorable pair of boots.
I was so pleased to be able to sport you one more time
yesterday since it was wet, windy and brrrr rabbit cold
here in Elk Grove, CA.  I know. I know. The weather
has been very odd for this area at this time of year.
But hey, on the positive we have gotten to see a lot of each other.
More than a normal winter season and I think that's
pretty cool.
Well this is goodbye for the summer.
Enjoy your hibernation in our closet.

With love,
Liz :o)

26 May 2010

Summer Brain Sessions ... Begin Today

As mentioned in a previous post
we have daughter do workbooks
during her summer break to keep
her mind engaged.

Last night we went to Border's Books
here in Elk Grove. In the rain.
Yes, I said in the rain. Nevermind that
yesterday was May 25th.  I was hoping
for 80+ degrees.  Oh well. We DO need
the water.

this is what we got

Daughter helped pick them all out.
These are 5th grade books;
Challenge Math - Science
How our Government Works - Reading
The Last Song was a last minute addition.
She is going to read the
Harry Potter series this summer
but we still need to get those books from Grandma.

Our agreed upon time is 2 hours a day.
This time is spent working in each workbook and
reading at least two chapters in her novel.

We are very excited that she is excited about this.
Our big soon to be 5th grader.  ahhhh

What fun ways are you keeping your kids engaged
this summer?  I would love to know.
Email me.

25 May 2010

Amazingly Scary Statistic ... Read on.

(in red because this is HOT info!)

Did you know that 32% of our youth are
overweight or considered obese?
Yes! It's true.

Are you ready for this? That equates to
approximately 25 million children & adolescents.

Scary to see the #s ... I know!

It is so important to teach our children the importance
of healthy eating and physical exercise.
WE, the parents/guardians/adults need to set the example.
Starting now.

As Mrs. Northern Valley Intl. 2011 I am committed
to raising awareness around this issue.

Who knows, maybe I will be speaking in your
child's school in the near future.

I can't wait!

Help your children check out this site.
Please comment below or email me your thoughts.

Thank you!

24 May 2010

The Sweetest Things...Are People

I want to congratulate all of the Northern Valley
and Sacramento winners from Friday night.
Especially Shelby Irey, Miss Sacramento 2011!
I have known her since she was born and
I truly enjoyed sharing this experience with her.
And to little Consuelo Garcia!
Like me, this was her first pageant and
she received 1st runner-up for
Jr. Miss Northern Valley.
She is only 10 and she did GREAT!
Also I want to send a very special
THANK YOU to Pamela Irey.
She, along with Shelby & Heather, encouraged me to do this
and I am so glad they did.
I am looking forward to walking through
all of the doors this is about to open for me.

P.S. I will begin posting about how this all came about,
my journey to state and the various appearances
I make starting within the next few weeks. Stay tuned.
This bloggety blog is about to get much
more entertaining.
Wait! Is that even possible? :0)

All My Love,

Mrs. Northern Valley 2011

Dear Stage ~

       Dear Stage ~

Thank you for keeping your surface perfect for the pageant.
It was nice to see that not only myself but that all of the
girls and women made their appearances so gracefully.
Your lights were a little hot however.  Oh well, guess that
is something I will just have to get used too.  I am looking
forward to walking on your friend, Big Stage, in L.A. during the
state pageant. Woot! It's going to be a fabulous time.
I already know.

Mrs. Northern Valley Intl. 2011

20 May 2010

WOW Side Dish with Deviled Eggs? Yes Please!

What are your plans for Memorial Day?
BBQ? Party? County Fair?

No matter what you have planned
you still have to eat.

Here is a yummy side dish.
I LOVE deviled eggs so when I saw this
I thought,
"Self, you are going to be in heaven."
Yes that's right.
That IS how much I like deviled eggs.
Well, as long as they are made right ... that is.

Here is the recipe. YUM!

19 May 2010

Roses? Flowers? Yes! Bring 'em in!

More Summer Spuce-up!
Do you have some of these

somewhere in your yard?
Heck, are there any in your
neighbor's yard?
HA! hee hee hee

If so snip some and bring them in!
(just be sure to snip properly)

Adding fresh roses and/or
bright flowers to your tables and
counters brings in the summer brightness
you are looking for.

A bright home is a happy home!
And what better way to save then
to utilize what you have in your own yard.
Or your neighbor's yard...remember. ;)
Happy clipping!

18 May 2010

Do you have a child 12 or younger? Yes! Read on...

Check THIS out!

Borders Books is Double Dog Daring
our kids to read this summer!

Reading is good for the brain people.
  Take the dare and let me
know how your kids do.

I know my daughter will be doing this as
part of her summer brain sessions.

What are summer brain sessions you ask?
Ok, I will tell you.

We have our daughter continue
school work over the summer, a few hours a day,
to keep her mind engaged.
2 1/2 months is a long time to be
out of the grind...you know what I mean?

So, we go to the book store at the end of
every school year and buy her
workbooks for the following year.

Next week we will be purchasing
5th grade workbooks! WHA?!
Where did the time go?!

What do your kids do over the summer?

Email me!

P.S. I just made up Summer Brain Sessions.
Cute huh!

17 May 2010

Back to the grind ...

It's Monday.  It's the day after our mini vacation.

Not a good combo. Well ... not today anyway.
I think I need a day off just to relax.  Don't we all feel like that
the day after a vacation?

I will leave you today with a good article
reflecting on how important it is to
disclose everything about your home when you are selling
and how important it is to have inspections completed when you are buying a home.

I always encourage my Buyers and Sellers to
do what is best for them now and what gives them the best results in their future.
Basically - do the right thing - all of the time.

Take a read.  Enjoy!

14 May 2010

Dear Beach Cabana

Dear Beach Cabana - I write this as I sit in you. Thank you for providing Hubber & I shade, a table to eat at and wonderful service from your staff all day long. It has been very nice to be able to get out of the sun from time to time. We ignored you earlier while we basked in the great sun & floated down the lazy river but we are back now and loving your comfy chairs. Lastly, cheers to the bucket of Corona LIGHTS that are occupying our glasses & your table.
Liz Leppanen, Realtor (916)275-5511 VGC Real Estate Group #01820535

13 May 2010

And I am off...

to pack for our *just my hunk-a burnin' love & I*
 little get away to

That's right y'all.
One of my favorite places to go have
oodles of fun!

I refer to Vegas as the
Big Kid Playground.
(although I was informed by daughter
that big kids don't have playgrounds)
Ahhh...child innocense.

She will see one day...
after she turns 21 of course!

My posts for the next 3 days
will most likely be Thank You's.

For two reasons:
1) I LOVE the cute idea &
2) I will not have much time to
post anything too detailed.

Enjoy your weekend!
I know I will.
wink ... wink

Dear Hair Clip ~

Dear Hair Clip ~

Thank you for giving me that perfect bumpit bump (minus the bumpit) today.  Nope, no bumpit needed because you are doing a fine job. Good thing - I think those are weird. You are such a small clip but oh so talented.  Added a little hairspray and wal la...perfection!  Actually, you deserve a double thank you...so THANK YOU again.

I love finding new things for my blog.
This is sure a super idea.
There is an actual site.
She writes a thank you to everything
and I think that is cute.
Sooo perfect for me too since sending
Thank You's was added to my 2010
list of goals.

P.S. Thank you Jen R. for turning
me on to this site.

Undiagnosed insomnia:
What? 3:07am! Really?!

12 May 2010

just shed it!

(This is the first post of my new weekly series: Summer Spuce-up
Oh ya, I just made that up. And I may post
once a week or twice.
Just depends really.
At least once a week for sure.)

Now lets get on with it...

Shed the flab, pounds, fat or what
ever else you've got going on!
It's so good for your
mind, body and soul.

You can do it as often as you want.
Think about this...
You could be doing moves while you
are watching t.v.
Get off the couch people and do some lunges,
pilates stretches, sit-ups or what ever
catches your fancy!
Not sure where these crazy sayings
are coming from today.
Who cares, I like 'em!

Here is what I do:
While I am blow drying my hair I do squats.
I'm talking suck in my tummy, flex my butt,
full on squats. And I have a lot of hair so I can
get in about 50 each morning.

While I am watching t.v. I do lunges
and some pilates type stretches.
Again, I suck in my tummy and flex
my butt. ***By the way, I learned the
suck it in and flex it from one of
the many exercise videos I have
but have never finished. :o)***

Next I do sit-ups. Stick my feet under the
couch and do sit-ups.
Push-ups too. Right when I get
home I go upstairs and
drop and give myself 20.
Well I am up to 25 now.

Thanks to my mother-in-law we also have a treadmill.
I have used it only a few times.
GOAL: Add this to my nightly routine. SOON.

I get bored watching the videos.
I do better with regular t.v. and
a combination of the different moves
I have learned from the videos.

All of these little things I do in
about 35 minutes a night
plus the 10 minutes for the squats.
I am noticing a difference & I am happy about it.

Let me know what you do.
Either comment below or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you!

10 May 2010

two hungry 9 year olds + one sleeping adult =

breakfast of champions
9 year old style.
(p.s. their hot chocolates also had candy canes)

were so sweet to not wake me up.
I kind of wish they had so
I could make them some...umm...
good breakfast.

Oh well, they were proud of themselves
and that makes me happy.

Undiagnosed insomnia update:
no change. period.
I might be getting used to
little sleep...unfortunately. :o)

On another note:
I am taking 3 full days off
the end of this week.
I can't believe it.
Well I will have my blackberry but
I will not be prospecting.
I will only respond to the incoming.

07 May 2010

miss messy nose

That's our girl!
She REALLY likes those devilled eggs.
Can you tell?

We just love her!
Enjoy your weekend.
Happy Mother's Day!

05 May 2010

Back to the prairie...it's a field trip thing

Daughter had a field trip yesterday
to McFarland Ranch.
This is a cute
Little House on the Prairie kind of ranch.

The kids, and some of the parent
chaperones (not me) dressed up in the
'back in the day' attire.

The girls even had bonnets and aprons
and the boys had straw hats.
They all looked adorable.

The kids got to experience some
of the things the children from those
times had to do. And what they did for fun.

This is what they made...via photos

sewing their initials on a handkercheif

Making candles

Making a stool...it's even branded!

And making a rope

Their lunches were even put together in
tin buckets and the food was covered with a bandana.

The kids had a great time and so did the parents!
What a good experience.

No honey, they did not have the DSi back then.

03 May 2010

The three wick frustration...

OK who else has experienced
frustration with the 3 wick candle?

Boy oh boy!
You know when you go to the parties
they have the perfectly burned 3 wick that is
now a flat saucer?
They tell you how to burn it.
How to hug the edges.
How to etc...

I am convinced that is just a prop and
not really the successful end to the life
of a 3 wick.

Ya, I have never been successful at it.
Have you?

Hands down my Partylite candles
are my favorites.
The only ones I have actually.
They smell fabulous
which makes my house smell fabulous.

So it is hard for me to stray when it
comes to the 3 wick.

Here is my dilema...they are expensive.
If I can't burn it in a way that uses
most of the candle then why pay
out the butt for one again?

Take a look at my 3 wick.
Last night when I tried to hug the
edges the damn thing sprung a leak!

And why does my candle have scalloped edges?

Suggestions? Tips? Please?!