05 May 2010

Back to the prairie...it's a field trip thing

Daughter had a field trip yesterday
to McFarland Ranch.
This is a cute
Little House on the Prairie kind of ranch.

The kids, and some of the parent
chaperones (not me) dressed up in the
'back in the day' attire.

The girls even had bonnets and aprons
and the boys had straw hats.
They all looked adorable.

The kids got to experience some
of the things the children from those
times had to do. And what they did for fun.

This is what they made...via photos

sewing their initials on a handkercheif

Making candles

Making a stool...it's even branded!

And making a rope

Their lunches were even put together in
tin buckets and the food was covered with a bandana.

The kids had a great time and so did the parents!
What a good experience.

No honey, they did not have the DSi back then.