26 May 2010

Summer Brain Sessions ... Begin Today

As mentioned in a previous post
we have daughter do workbooks
during her summer break to keep
her mind engaged.

Last night we went to Border's Books
here in Elk Grove. In the rain.
Yes, I said in the rain. Nevermind that
yesterday was May 25th.  I was hoping
for 80+ degrees.  Oh well. We DO need
the water.

this is what we got

Daughter helped pick them all out.
These are 5th grade books;
Challenge Math - Science
How our Government Works - Reading
The Last Song was a last minute addition.
She is going to read the
Harry Potter series this summer
but we still need to get those books from Grandma.

Our agreed upon time is 2 hours a day.
This time is spent working in each workbook and
reading at least two chapters in her novel.

We are very excited that she is excited about this.
Our big soon to be 5th grader.  ahhhh

What fun ways are you keeping your kids engaged
this summer?  I would love to know.
Email me.