24 May 2010

The Sweetest Things...Are People

I want to congratulate all of the Northern Valley
and Sacramento winners from Friday night.
Especially Shelby Irey, Miss Sacramento 2011!
I have known her since she was born and
I truly enjoyed sharing this experience with her.
And to little Consuelo Garcia!
Like me, this was her first pageant and
she received 1st runner-up for
Jr. Miss Northern Valley.
She is only 10 and she did GREAT!
Also I want to send a very special
THANK YOU to Pamela Irey.
She, along with Shelby & Heather, encouraged me to do this
and I am so glad they did.
I am looking forward to walking through
all of the doors this is about to open for me.

P.S. I will begin posting about how this all came about,
my journey to state and the various appearances
I make starting within the next few weeks. Stay tuned.
This bloggety blog is about to get much
more entertaining.
Wait! Is that even possible? :0)

All My Love,

Mrs. Northern Valley 2011