31 March 2010

Choco Pudding Cake via Crockpot? YES!

It's true.
What they say.
You can make ANYthing in a crockpot.

Daughter & Grandma went through the
slow cooker cookbook and found a few
things to make for us.
1. Clam Chowder - D-LISH!
2. Choco pudding cake - D-LISH!

I would have never thought about making desert
in the crockpot. Actually I haven't thought
about making anything in the crockpot.
(revert back to my kitchen skills)
Hey, I'm working on it. :o)

These dishes were mmm mmm goodness. Yep!

She's mixin' it up

I think she likes the batter...not sure

It's going in the crockpot people

Two hours later the yummy pudding cake was done.
We all had some and yes, you guessed it,
We all liked it!

Daughter spent some time making
photo copies of some recipes she wants to try.

Watch out my friends!
We're dusting off the crockpot!

30 March 2010

the sweetest thing...

Is watching our little bugger sleep. We watched when she was a baby.
And haven't stopped.

We sure do love her. Oh so much.
Liz Leppanen, Realtor (916)275-5511 VGC Real Estate Group #01820535

29 March 2010

Pre-Wedding Dinner ~ Planning Dinner

We have a wedding coming up.
Coming up quick!

The youngest of 4.
The Baby. The Brat. Cody.
He's getting married!
To Marti.

Aren't they cute. I love this picture.

My in-laws are hosting a dinner the
night before the wedding. A shrimp boil. At their house.
It's going to be amazing.
I already know.

Major contributors...Mona and Blaine
Pops Terry not pictured.

It's not just the shrimp boil. Oh no.
These people don't do anything small.
They are planning on about 40 people
at this dinner.
I can gaurantee there will be enough food for 80.
No joke.

We gathered Saturday night to give
the smoked chickens, the salmon,
the shrimp, the strawberries all a trial run.
Oh yes, we came home with leftovers. DUH!

Here is a little sample of what will be happening...

Father of the groom - Pops Terry -
loves his smoker.  And boy can he make some
D-LISH meat in that thing.

With the chickies inside..MMM....

The Salmon was SO very good.
Mouth watering.
Thanks Mona!

Oh and the shrimp boil itself.
You need this.
and lots of it for big groups.
Add shrimp, scallops, vienna sausages,
corn on the cob, artichokes,
red potatoes - just to name some.

Throw it in a big ol' pot -
specific times for each item of course.

Boil away. When done you strain and dump
right on the tables. Well in this case we
are using big trays.
Then you pick and choose what you want
and eat with your hands.
The best 'finger food' ever.
(in my opinion)

Oh but we must not forget desert.
Blaine, mother of the groom, made these
strawberries for the first time.
Yep, she did a fantastic job.

Oh yes, I'm pretty positive this is going
to be one heck of a dinner.  Full of fabulousness.
Yep, I just know it!

26 March 2010

Oooh so RAD!

Oooh YES! I'm bringing the word back.
RAD! Such a feel good word.
Don't you think?

Well I feel sooo RAD today!

Do you know why?
Probably not but I had to ask. HA!

I'm going to tell you. Bet you knew that though, huh?

You see, I bought these jeans a few weeks ago.
Photo taken today.
And on the way home from the store they shrunk in the bag.
Right in the bag! Can you believe it?
(I don't try clothes on. Just buy and make them fit. Yep.)

Today after I ironed a pair of jeans (yes I do that)
I looked over and said,
"self, you have been looking damn skinny and
cute lately, I might add. Why don't you try those
shrunken jeans on."

So on the advice of myself I did just that.
Woot! Woot!

Please excuse the carpet in the photos.
I took these pics in my office.

Today I feel RAD. Yes I do.

I hope you do too. And if you don't you must
do something - STAT - to make yourself feel RAD.

25 March 2010

Motivation via picture


Sent me this picture via text message

This picture gives me motivation to keep working hard.
To get the things I - we - want.

I think I will hang a picture like this in my office.
So I can look at it. All of the time.

I am relaxed.

The beaches with warm ocean water are
my favorite vacation spots.
Hands down.

24 March 2010

Let's dish! Oh yes, we did it again...

Last night's dinner was easy
but oh so yum.

We had chicken marinated in Mmm Chaka Sauce.
(if you haven't tried that marinade I suggest you do.
It is good on everything. Literally. In my opinion)

And steamed brocolli with melted cheese on top.

Easy but very good for us.

Here's proof... :)
Yes, that is real chicken in my real oven.
See I can do this!

mmm we likey brocolli
Ta da! Nothing special. Just D-lish!

Shoot! Now I'm hungry for lunch.
I am having the leftovers!

23 March 2010

Hearty breakfast ~ It's brain food.

I don't eat a big breakfast too often.
But when I do it's goood and
usually not the healthiest.

Today I ate this big, very big burrito.
The entire thing - yes I did!

I need the brain food and the extra energy today.
It's a busy one.

Reason for this post which shows my half eaten breakfast
is don't be ashamed of what you eat and when you eat it.

If you are fine with what goes into your mouth
then that is all that matters.
Tip: be healthy most of the time.

Today. This morning I am fine with this burrito.

22 March 2010

fun hanging things

When there is an odd space
I like to hang something in it.
Something simple
but different.

Something not too big
but not too small either.

In our kitchen there is this cut out.
It's the size of a window and it looks at the
pantry door if you are in the kitchen.
It looks into the kitchen if you are by the pantry.
Not sure anyone hangs out by the pantry.
Well maybe the kids when one is digging for goodies
and the others are on post watching for a parent.
Who knows.

Anyway, we have this cute hanging thing.
A gift from my in-laws.
They picked it up on one of their travels.
We LOVE gifts like this.
Things like this.

How does it look?
Perfect for the space that, at first glance, didn't seem so perfect.
Now it's perfect.

up close...

What fun, unusual, cutsie hanging things do you have?

I would love to see.

20 March 2010

Big idea for small spaces

A book shelf.
A love seat.
A small side table.

It's about how you build
and how you decorate.

If you build it they will come.
The ideas that is.

Pay attention to the materials you
use and the nick-nacks you choose.

This is a built-in book shelf
and cupboard.
Great use of space and doesn't
look cluttered.
(in my opinion)

Do you have any ideas on your mind?
Projects you've been 'thinking' about doing?

If you do and just needed some sort of motivation to get you going
then I hope this does it.

Beautiful things are inspiration.

18 March 2010

No nylons, tights, etc!

No need!

The weather is gorgeous and I have a tan!

Really loving my VersaSpa color. WOOT! WOOT!

Can't wait for my next session.

I feel pretty today.
Liz Leppanen, Realtor (916)275-5511 VGC Real Estate Group #01820535

17 March 2010

Happy wear green or get pinched day!


May your days be filled with mucho luck!

16 March 2010

A Safe Tan

I love the sun. A LOT!
I normally go to a tanning salon to get a good base before lay out season comes. Just because it makes me feel pretty & husband likes my tan bod! :)

Recently I have been thinking how scarey it is to lay in the beds. Under those lamps.

So today I tried VeraSpa Sunless Tan. Viola! I love it.

Looks better than Mystic. (In my opinion)
I have a bronze look. Not orange...whew.

My girlfriend said, "your teeth look really white." Ahhh...does this mean I can give the Crest white strips a break? :)

At the end of the day I decided to go in once a week for a 60 second spray. Until it's warm enough to lay out.

I feel great & look pretty damn good too. :)
Liz Leppanen, Realtor (916)275-5511 VGC Real Estate Group #01820535

15 March 2010

Super Sunny Sunday!

We had a great family day on Sunday.
The weather was so nice.
This was a welcomed change since
Saturday was windy and very very cold.

Husband, daughter, niece and I
hopped in the car and headed to Roseville.
First stop, lunch at Johnny Garlics.
We needed energy for shopping. :)

Then off to the Galleria.
The mall is no nice. Open. Airy (is that a word?)
We could spend a lot of time just walking around.
It's pretty.
We did mange to find a few things though.
(wink wink)

Afterwards we headed across the street to
the Fountains. A lovely open shopping area.
Lot's of stores. Awesome atmosphere.

DSW was the stop for me.
New adorable white wedges complete with flowers.
(I'm sure you'll see them in summer posts)

I hope you all had a great Sunday!

13 March 2010

Sunshine kitties

The kitties love this weather because we have the windows open.

Those little kitties love the fresh air.

Enjoy your Saturday!
Liz Leppanen, Realtor (916)275-5511 VGC Real Estate Group #01820535

12 March 2010

Missing you cupcakes...and a STRONG latte

As I sit here sipping on my homemade
super strong latte
(I tired new expresso this morning -
Morning Lift from Nob Hill)
I can't help but think about the
best cupcake I have ever had.

Cupcakes from Crumbs are
THE bestestest!
(in my opinion)

We tried them while in New York last October.

Was it being in New York that made them
so good?
Nope! I don't think so.

Was it the cuteness of the Crumbs shops
that made them so good?
Nope! I don't think so.

These are down right just
DELICIOUS! On their own. No assistance needed.

They do have locations in So. Cal, CT, NJ and so on.
If you haven't tried them yet, I reccommend that you do.

I leave you today with a little
something to get your mouth watering...


Undiagnosed insomnia update:
This has been a good week for the most part.
One night of broken sleep.
Two nights with a full 5 hours.
Last night I slept 6 hours!
Fingers ARE crossed that this continues.

Happy Friday y'all!

11 March 2010

Baby Kaylee wears leg warmers...

Isn't she THE cutest?!

This little lady is the happy
recipient of the lollypop leg warmers.

She wears them well.
(in my opinion)
She should be a leg warmer model. :o)

I couldn't decide which ONE
photo to use for this post
so I decided to use them all!

Look! They are oh so cozy that they put he right to sleep!

If this munchkin doesn't make you smile
I don't know what will.

Enjoy your day.

10 March 2010

Itty Bitty Leg Warmers

It all started with a
comment I posted about buying a
sewing machine and
learning how to use it.
(in progress)

A friend of mine who
recently had a baby girl asked
if I was taking orders and if so
she wanted leg warmers for her daughter.

Me being a knitter
(yes I love knitting)
I said why wait for a sewing machine
when I can knit you some!

So here they are
the itty bitty leg wamers.
They are adorable!
(in my opinion)

from start to finish

These are so fun and absolutely
so CUTE!
And I have enough yarn left over to make a matching beanie!
I will post that little piece once I am done.
So exciting!

I can make some for you too!
Tell me colors and we can work out a price.
Actually I can knit lots of stuff.
Stay tuned for more goodies!

Have warm and fuzzy day!

09 March 2010

Another Holiday is a comin'!

So let's get crafty~kid style!

You should start now.
After all, Easter is only 4 weeks from Sunday!

With all of the other daily activities in
our busy little lives, we need time.

Well I need time and lots of it.
33 hour days please!

Here we go...
For thousands of years, the egg has been a symbol of new life
and spring for people the world over.
What you need 
• 14 plastic pull-apart eggs
• Puffy paint
• Egg cartons
• 2 large heavy-duty paper plates
• Scissors
• Glue
• Green craft foam
• Twist ties

What you do
1. First, decorate 14 plastic pull-apart eggs with puffy paint and let them dry. (Overturned egg cartons make great workstations and drying racks; just set each egg half over a carton cup bottom.) YAY!

2. Cut the rims from the paper plates and glue them together. Glue green craft foam leaves around the ring, leaving 1 1/2 inches between them.

3. To attach the eggs, tightly wrap twist ties (one for each egg) between the leaves around the paper plate ring, then simply close the egg halves together over the ties.

Totally adorably cute!

What you need
• 2 round wooden beads (we used one 16-millimeter and one 25-millimeter bead) with holes large enough for a doubled Pipe cleaner to fit through.  Hmmm  FUN
• 6-inch pipe cleaners
• Acrylic paint
• Craft feather
• Fine-point marker

What you do
1. First, paint the beads with acrylic paint. When they have dried, bend a 6-inch pipe cleaner in half, sandwiching the end of a tiny craft feather in the fold.

2. Thread the smaller bead onto the opposite end of the pipe cleaner and slide the bead up to hide the bottom of the feather.

3. Thread the larger bead onto the pipe cleaner, then bend the ends of the pipe cleaner into feet.

4. Finally, use a fine-point marker to give your little chick eyes and a tiny beak.

So easy. Su fun. So safe. So festive.

Happy crafting!

For more fun activities click here.

08 March 2010

A Saturday at the races...

with no racecar. YAY!
It was much more relaxing
and I spent the whole day with husband.

You see, normally he is racing
and handling things in the association.
That kept him busy busy busy.

Not anymore though. He is
taking this season off so
we were spectators and

Here are a few pics from
what they call the March Meet
in Bakersfield, CA.

Gimme my rib back Lisa!

New FABULOUS friends.

DeanO and the cutest dog ever.

Close-up of the cutest dog ever.
Yes, those are real ear muffs. True story.
I tapped on them to see for myself!

Now on to the random....

Yes, this is two dogs each in their
dad's jackets. Hey, it was cold!
Very adorable.

No idea who this kid is but
his mohawk paired with the
batman hoodie were too cute not
to capture.

Uh, ya, no idea who. what. Hmmm...

Just a day at the races.