26 March 2010

Oooh so RAD!

Oooh YES! I'm bringing the word back.
RAD! Such a feel good word.
Don't you think?

Well I feel sooo RAD today!

Do you know why?
Probably not but I had to ask. HA!

I'm going to tell you. Bet you knew that though, huh?

You see, I bought these jeans a few weeks ago.
Photo taken today.
And on the way home from the store they shrunk in the bag.
Right in the bag! Can you believe it?
(I don't try clothes on. Just buy and make them fit. Yep.)

Today after I ironed a pair of jeans (yes I do that)
I looked over and said,
"self, you have been looking damn skinny and
cute lately, I might add. Why don't you try those
shrunken jeans on."

So on the advice of myself I did just that.
Woot! Woot!

Please excuse the carpet in the photos.
I took these pics in my office.

Today I feel RAD. Yes I do.

I hope you do too. And if you don't you must
do something - STAT - to make yourself feel RAD.