05 March 2010

The undiagnosed insomnia take-over!

This is some what of an
embarrassing post.

I typically am very tidy when it
comes to our house.
Especially now.

So here we go...
I have been so tired lately.
I guess I just didn't realize or
really cared how many dishes were stacking up.
Again, I have been so tired. (fyi-not a good excuse
in my opinion but it is what it is.)
I guess it caught up to me this week.

Last night I unloaded the
dishwasher. YAY! I was cleaning before Idol.
Then I loaded it with the dirty dishes
from the counter and sink.
AND it was full AGAIN! Instantly! WOW!
Can we say gross overload!

Wait, I'm not done.
I don't put everything in the dishwasher because
I am kind of a freak about what CAN go in there.
Really, I think some stuff can break or
lose it's 'quality' of life during the rinse cycle or something.
Who knows.

So I also filled half of my sink with handwashed dishes too.
And to think all of those dirty dishes were on my counter.
Again, GROSS!

At least my kitchen is clean now.
This really hit me...uggg again, GROSS.

I am crossing my fingers that I sleep
GREAT tonight and from now on.

5 straight hours is all I ask. For now.

Undiagnosed insomnia update:
Turned off t.v. at 11:15pm.
Woke up at 2:39am.
Not sure when I fell back alseep
but when my alarm went off at 5:39am
I did not feel rested at all.

I normally would stay in bed for 20 or so minutes
but I had to have time to do my hair.
I curled it today and it looks damn good!