22 March 2010

fun hanging things

When there is an odd space
I like to hang something in it.
Something simple
but different.

Something not too big
but not too small either.

In our kitchen there is this cut out.
It's the size of a window and it looks at the
pantry door if you are in the kitchen.
It looks into the kitchen if you are by the pantry.
Not sure anyone hangs out by the pantry.
Well maybe the kids when one is digging for goodies
and the others are on post watching for a parent.
Who knows.

Anyway, we have this cute hanging thing.
A gift from my in-laws.
They picked it up on one of their travels.
We LOVE gifts like this.
Things like this.

How does it look?
Perfect for the space that, at first glance, didn't seem so perfect.
Now it's perfect.

up close...

What fun, unusual, cutsie hanging things do you have?

I would love to see.