15 March 2010

Super Sunny Sunday!

We had a great family day on Sunday.
The weather was so nice.
This was a welcomed change since
Saturday was windy and very very cold.

Husband, daughter, niece and I
hopped in the car and headed to Roseville.
First stop, lunch at Johnny Garlics.
We needed energy for shopping. :)

Then off to the Galleria.
The mall is no nice. Open. Airy (is that a word?)
We could spend a lot of time just walking around.
It's pretty.
We did mange to find a few things though.
(wink wink)

Afterwards we headed across the street to
the Fountains. A lovely open shopping area.
Lot's of stores. Awesome atmosphere.

DSW was the stop for me.
New adorable white wedges complete with flowers.
(I'm sure you'll see them in summer posts)

I hope you all had a great Sunday!