16 March 2010

A Safe Tan

I love the sun. A LOT!
I normally go to a tanning salon to get a good base before lay out season comes. Just because it makes me feel pretty & husband likes my tan bod! :)

Recently I have been thinking how scarey it is to lay in the beds. Under those lamps.

So today I tried VeraSpa Sunless Tan. Viola! I love it.

Looks better than Mystic. (In my opinion)
I have a bronze look. Not orange...whew.

My girlfriend said, "your teeth look really white." Ahhh...does this mean I can give the Crest white strips a break? :)

At the end of the day I decided to go in once a week for a 60 second spray. Until it's warm enough to lay out.

I feel great & look pretty damn good too. :)
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