10 March 2010

Itty Bitty Leg Warmers

It all started with a
comment I posted about buying a
sewing machine and
learning how to use it.
(in progress)

A friend of mine who
recently had a baby girl asked
if I was taking orders and if so
she wanted leg warmers for her daughter.

Me being a knitter
(yes I love knitting)
I said why wait for a sewing machine
when I can knit you some!

So here they are
the itty bitty leg wamers.
They are adorable!
(in my opinion)

from start to finish

These are so fun and absolutely
so CUTE!
And I have enough yarn left over to make a matching beanie!
I will post that little piece once I am done.
So exciting!

I can make some for you too!
Tell me colors and we can work out a price.
Actually I can knit lots of stuff.
Stay tuned for more goodies!

Have warm and fuzzy day!