29 March 2010

Pre-Wedding Dinner ~ Planning Dinner

We have a wedding coming up.
Coming up quick!

The youngest of 4.
The Baby. The Brat. Cody.
He's getting married!
To Marti.

Aren't they cute. I love this picture.

My in-laws are hosting a dinner the
night before the wedding. A shrimp boil. At their house.
It's going to be amazing.
I already know.

Major contributors...Mona and Blaine
Pops Terry not pictured.

It's not just the shrimp boil. Oh no.
These people don't do anything small.
They are planning on about 40 people
at this dinner.
I can gaurantee there will be enough food for 80.
No joke.

We gathered Saturday night to give
the smoked chickens, the salmon,
the shrimp, the strawberries all a trial run.
Oh yes, we came home with leftovers. DUH!

Here is a little sample of what will be happening...

Father of the groom - Pops Terry -
loves his smoker.  And boy can he make some
D-LISH meat in that thing.

With the chickies inside..MMM....

The Salmon was SO very good.
Mouth watering.
Thanks Mona!

Oh and the shrimp boil itself.
You need this.
and lots of it for big groups.
Add shrimp, scallops, vienna sausages,
corn on the cob, artichokes,
red potatoes - just to name some.

Throw it in a big ol' pot -
specific times for each item of course.

Boil away. When done you strain and dump
right on the tables. Well in this case we
are using big trays.
Then you pick and choose what you want
and eat with your hands.
The best 'finger food' ever.
(in my opinion)

Oh but we must not forget desert.
Blaine, mother of the groom, made these
strawberries for the first time.
Yep, she did a fantastic job.

Oh yes, I'm pretty positive this is going
to be one heck of a dinner.  Full of fabulousness.
Yep, I just know it!