08 March 2010

A Saturday at the races...

with no racecar. YAY!
It was much more relaxing
and I spent the whole day with husband.

You see, normally he is racing
and handling things in the association.
That kept him busy busy busy.

Not anymore though. He is
taking this season off so
we were spectators and

Here are a few pics from
what they call the March Meet
in Bakersfield, CA.

Gimme my rib back Lisa!

New FABULOUS friends.

DeanO and the cutest dog ever.

Close-up of the cutest dog ever.
Yes, those are real ear muffs. True story.
I tapped on them to see for myself!

Now on to the random....

Yes, this is two dogs each in their
dad's jackets. Hey, it was cold!
Very adorable.

No idea who this kid is but
his mohawk paired with the
batman hoodie were too cute not
to capture.

Uh, ya, no idea who. what. Hmmm...

Just a day at the races.