31 March 2010

Choco Pudding Cake via Crockpot? YES!

It's true.
What they say.
You can make ANYthing in a crockpot.

Daughter & Grandma went through the
slow cooker cookbook and found a few
things to make for us.
1. Clam Chowder - D-LISH!
2. Choco pudding cake - D-LISH!

I would have never thought about making desert
in the crockpot. Actually I haven't thought
about making anything in the crockpot.
(revert back to my kitchen skills)
Hey, I'm working on it. :o)

These dishes were mmm mmm goodness. Yep!

She's mixin' it up

I think she likes the batter...not sure

It's going in the crockpot people

Two hours later the yummy pudding cake was done.
We all had some and yes, you guessed it,
We all liked it!

Daughter spent some time making
photo copies of some recipes she wants to try.

Watch out my friends!
We're dusting off the crockpot!