12 May 2010

just shed it!

(This is the first post of my new weekly series: Summer Spuce-up
Oh ya, I just made that up. And I may post
once a week or twice.
Just depends really.
At least once a week for sure.)

Now lets get on with it...

Shed the flab, pounds, fat or what
ever else you've got going on!
It's so good for your
mind, body and soul.

You can do it as often as you want.
Think about this...
You could be doing moves while you
are watching t.v.
Get off the couch people and do some lunges,
pilates stretches, sit-ups or what ever
catches your fancy!
Not sure where these crazy sayings
are coming from today.
Who cares, I like 'em!

Here is what I do:
While I am blow drying my hair I do squats.
I'm talking suck in my tummy, flex my butt,
full on squats. And I have a lot of hair so I can
get in about 50 each morning.

While I am watching t.v. I do lunges
and some pilates type stretches.
Again, I suck in my tummy and flex
my butt. ***By the way, I learned the
suck it in and flex it from one of
the many exercise videos I have
but have never finished. :o)***

Next I do sit-ups. Stick my feet under the
couch and do sit-ups.
Push-ups too. Right when I get
home I go upstairs and
drop and give myself 20.
Well I am up to 25 now.

Thanks to my mother-in-law we also have a treadmill.
I have used it only a few times.
GOAL: Add this to my nightly routine. SOON.

I get bored watching the videos.
I do better with regular t.v. and
a combination of the different moves
I have learned from the videos.

All of these little things I do in
about 35 minutes a night
plus the 10 minutes for the squats.
I am noticing a difference & I am happy about it.

Let me know what you do.
Either comment below or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you!