13 May 2010

Dear Hair Clip ~

Dear Hair Clip ~

Thank you for giving me that perfect bumpit bump (minus the bumpit) today.  Nope, no bumpit needed because you are doing a fine job. Good thing - I think those are weird. You are such a small clip but oh so talented.  Added a little hairspray and wal la...perfection!  Actually, you deserve a double thank you...so THANK YOU again.

I love finding new things for my blog.
This is sure a super idea.
There is an actual site.
She writes a thank you to everything
and I think that is cute.
Sooo perfect for me too since sending
Thank You's was added to my 2010
list of goals.

P.S. Thank you Jen R. for turning
me on to this site.

Undiagnosed insomnia:
What? 3:07am! Really?!