25 May 2010

Amazingly Scary Statistic ... Read on.

(in red because this is HOT info!)

Did you know that 32% of our youth are
overweight or considered obese?
Yes! It's true.

Are you ready for this? That equates to
approximately 25 million children & adolescents.

Scary to see the #s ... I know!

It is so important to teach our children the importance
of healthy eating and physical exercise.
WE, the parents/guardians/adults need to set the example.
Starting now.

As Mrs. Northern Valley Intl. 2011 I am committed
to raising awareness around this issue.

Who knows, maybe I will be speaking in your
child's school in the near future.

I can't wait!

Help your children check out this site.
Please comment below or email me your thoughts.

Thank you!