03 May 2010

The three wick frustration...

OK who else has experienced
frustration with the 3 wick candle?

Boy oh boy!
You know when you go to the parties
they have the perfectly burned 3 wick that is
now a flat saucer?
They tell you how to burn it.
How to hug the edges.
How to etc...

I am convinced that is just a prop and
not really the successful end to the life
of a 3 wick.

Ya, I have never been successful at it.
Have you?

Hands down my Partylite candles
are my favorites.
The only ones I have actually.
They smell fabulous
which makes my house smell fabulous.

So it is hard for me to stray when it
comes to the 3 wick.

Here is my dilema...they are expensive.
If I can't burn it in a way that uses
most of the candle then why pay
out the butt for one again?

Take a look at my 3 wick.
Last night when I tried to hug the
edges the damn thing sprung a leak!

And why does my candle have scalloped edges?

Suggestions? Tips? Please?!