30 April 2010

the clutterless flower * in my opinion

The orchid.
Just happens to be my FAVorite.
Husband and daughter (gosh I love them) got me this very orchid
for Mother's Day
4 years ago and yes it is STILL blooming.
Every year.
Multiple times a year.
Like a champ.
I noticed last night it has a new sprout even. YAY!

I give it my vitamin residue.  I take the powder kind mixed with water.
I think that is why I have been so lucky.
And I think it blooms out of love.
Laugh all you want but I believe that. So there.

If you want a clutterless flower I suggest you try this.
Give it love every day and vitamins once a week.

Bloomed with love. :0)

Undiagnosed insomnia update:
2 nights in a row I slept 4 hours and 45 mins straight.
Yes uninterrupted. Whoop!