05 April 2010

Sushi? Yes please!

Typically Friday nights we go to dinner when Husband gets home from work.

Mikuni is one of the places we frequent. A lot. We. All 3 of us LOVE it.
Oh and by the way, you sure are missing out if you don't have one. :o) Sorry!


We went to Mikuni the other night & Taro was there making sushi at the sushi bar. He is so nice & talked to just about everyone. You know what? I do believe he was smiling the entire time too. Seriously. What a nice guy.

We sat at the sushi bar like we always do, thank goodness.

As you know if you have been reading my blog, husband likes to order odd ball/custom stuff from the chefs. We sat down in front of Joe & asked him to make "something spicy. The hotter the better. Put shrimp, crab & whatever else you want. Oh with soy wrap".

Joe was amazing. He quickly whipped up the Average Joe roll and it was D-LISH!