13 April 2010

The Dinner - It's a Pre-wedding Thing

After much preperation.
Hard work.
A bit of stress.
(speaking for my in-laws)
Multiple trips to the store.
Many stores.
Even cyber stores.

It was time.
Time for the rehearsal dinner.
It was a shrimp boil.
And here we go...

Even though people came for the food
there had to be some sort of decoration too.

Thank goodness my in-laws have
something just short of a floral shop on
their property.
You can never have too many flowers!

Here are the boys of the family...
Can you tell who was in charge of the pot?
And the groom is in white.

Other brother-in-law and his beautiful girlfriend

On to the food. Hello! That's what 40 people
gathered on this night for, right?

The hard working ladies...

Someone had to watch the pot.
That is one big pot! Thanks Mona!

There are a lot of ingredients that go into a shrimp boil pot.
They all have specific times.
This really is a hard thing to do and you have to
pay close attention to your pot.

Done now draining...

Then the dump

Time to make it pretty. It's a must.
I like how Andre made his way into this picture.
Notice how the apron on top is in a weird position...hmmm

What a meal. What a night.
And it was all for them.
The soon to be bride and groom.

Very casual. Very comfortable. Very good.
A perfect night.