26 April 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen - Daughter has made t.v....for a few seconds

On Friday
Kylee was asked to race a
News anchor on Good Day Sacramento.
Channel 31.
She was so excited.

filming a shot...Jackie, the anchor was her competition

Jackie was so petite she was able to
fit in and drive Joshua Jennings' car.

Kylee & Joshua with their cars

Kylee loved being on t.v. and
being on t.v. in her race car.
She loves to race.

dad getting her ready to go

It is very funny to listen to the other
news anchors in the studio after
they ran the cars.
Jackie left before the starter said 'go'
so they were teasing her about cheating
against a 9 year old.
ha ha ha

After this we took Kylee to school ~
on time I might add!

Saturday was the event called
Funny Car Fever.
This is an event for the big
(mom & dad size) cars.

Joshua and Kylee were asked to
make a couple exhibition passes against
each other during the down time
of this big race.

So they did.
And there was a big crowd.
The stands were full.

The Jr. Drag Races don't pull a
big crowd so this was very exciting for the kids.

Throughout the day Kylee had
people coming up to talk to her.
Ask to take pictures with her.
She asked little kids if they
wanted to sit in her car.
She is one social butterfly.
Preparing herself for the big time I guess.
She's a natural in front of people.

After this we rushed her to her friend's house
for a sleepover.
Hey the star needs downtime too.
hee hee hee