27 April 2010

Well hello good morning!

After about a month of 'rough patches'
I am feeling pretty darn spiffy.
I think the exercise is "releasing endorphins
and endorphins make you happy".
-Elle Woods, Legally Blonde (hee hee hee)
Although I still am dealing
with the undiagnosed insomnia
but that is ok. I can deal.

The weather is up and down.
My sinuses have been up and down.
My emotions have been up and down.
Just dealing with lots and lots.
I don't like be sick. Or sad. Or mad.
Well you get the picture.

So today, I woke up
(once at 4 am and again at 5 am & this is after
not falling asleep until after midnight)
and told myself,
"self, don't let anything drag you down."
Be your strong, witty, beautiful self no matter what."
So wa la!

I decided that the allergies. The weather.
The stuffiness. The wrong decisions.  The favoritism.
Stupid remarks.  And anything else that I
have let affect me in the past month
is buh-bye!
Now, I say bring it. I'm ready.

So, today I want to share that
I love the following:

*My new love and motivation for exercising.
*My new bestie...lady treadmill. Oh how I can't wait to
walk all over you tonight.
*My yummy breakfast...strawberries and cottage cheese.
Heck ya!
*Of course, Hubby and daughter.
*My job.
*My new mailer.
*The thought of writing all of the addresses on the mailers by hand.
Oh wait, I don't love that so much.
*My tan.
*Most recent date night. I want another...STAT.
*My Blackberry. I will always love you.
*My new white wedges with flowers up the center.
*American Idol is on tonight!
*This is Hubbys last week of working out of town.
I sure have missed snuggling...every day.
*New friends.

Well, I guess I better get back to work.

Find your loves and what makes
you happy and run with them.
We have no time to let the things
we CAN, or CANNOT control bring us down.