16 August 2011

Another cooking milestone

Hi Friends!  As you are well aware, I have not been the best cook in the world nor did I enjoy cooking that much. I was a 'much rather do the dishes' kind of gal.  As you also know I have been experimenting over the past couple of years and have been getting kind of good at this whole cooking thing that I once thought was completely overrated. :o) 

Although I don't cook often (thank you Hubber), I do dabble in it from time to time. Mostly when the family is at softball practice, lessons, etc.  I stay home so I can have dinner ready when they get home. 

Each time I try something new, and succeed, it reminds me that cooking isn't so bad after all.  Guess what? I am still kind of liking it!

Sooo ... my big deal is a tri-tip.  Hubber seasoned it on Saturday night so it would be nice and ready by last night.  Daughter had softball stuff so I was tasked with BBQing that big piece of meat.  I will admit, I was a little scared that I wouldn't do it right.  

Thanks to Hubber's excellent directions it turned out very delicious!  And we have leftovers!  YUMMA!  

Look, if I can do it so can any novice, trying to get better, kind of cook.

Here's what I did (per Hubber): Light the right side burner and the left side burner only. Close the lid and let the BBQ get to 400 degrees.  Once at 400 degrees put the tri-tip in the middle and cook with the burners on low.  Pull off when the inside temp of the tri-tip is 140 degrees.  That's it!  I was paranoid so I checked the temp every half hour.  In an hour and a half it was done! mmm mmm good!

I think I am ready to be on Hell's Kitchen! Bring on Gordon, I can take him.  :o)

PS, I was so worried about the meat that I forgot to do a veggie. Whoopsies!