25 August 2011


Its been a while, I know. I have been MIA, or as I like to say, busy offline lately. Busy thinking of ideas and changes for this here blog and busy with my job and life in general. I am not sure we would know how to act if we weren't running around all of the time. We kind of like it.  

Our Fall season of softball has started so Daughter and Hubber are running multiple days a week which means I have increased the amount of times I cook.  Yes, people I am in the kitchen about 4 times a week now. I know ... I know, I was a little shocked too. HA!  While they are at softball I have been working out; working towards my goal (you will learn more soon) and, well, preparing a few meals here and there.

The things you will [enjoy] reading about are:
  • My personal 30 day challenge (a workout thing)
  • Financial/spending tips from a normal person just like you
  • More recipes because, well, I am starting to experiment {waa ha ha ha}
  • Softball and Jeter - of course
  • and mucho more yeeeeeeeeee
Oh my geeshness, Daughter's birthday is in a few months and I have a super cute idea for her invitations.  Stay tuned ... 

PS, how cute is this centerpiece? Perfect for some sort of party don't you think?

See you back soon! I'm looking forward to it.