05 October 2011

Another Season Has Begun

Hiya! Two seasons actually; Fall [the actual season] and our Softball Fall Ball season.  Anyhoo, I love them both.  By this time of year I am pretty much done with Summer so I welcome the blusterey cold days, with some sprinkles, with open arms. {big hug}

Speaking of softball; Our mighty, mighty Mizuno girls moved up to 12U for the Fall season. Fall is considered a developmental season which is why you should move up the Fall before you are required to do so in Spring. This means we are a young team playing girls that are 1-2 years older in a lot of cases.

We have played in three 12U tournaments so far and the girls are doing so good.  They are learning so much.  Playing the older, bigger, kids has really brought out the drive in these girls. And when I say big I mean we are wondering what these kids are eating and if they are driving already.  Wholey heck!  :o)

Our team looks so tiny compared to some of these older girls.  One of our parents said in the beginning of the season, "we do more with less".  Meaning less meat on their bones.  I guess that's what you get when you have amazing coaches - they have the team really rockin'! Like I've said before, I'm amazed with these girls and their talent.  They are fun to watch.

We have another tournament this weekend. Stay tuned ...

PS: What's on your plate will return next week. It's a special one just for the pups.