06 October 2011

A Whole Chicken In The Oven {Yep!}

I was at it again. Oh yes I was. Back in the kitchen cooking up some goodness. And that it was - pure goodness. Just ask my family. :o)

A while ago I discovered a crockpot chicken. Simple and tasty. I had every intention of cooking our chickens in the crockpot or on the bbq because it tasted so yum yum done either way.  Well, one day a few weeks ago I got the chicken out of the freezer to thaw and forgot to prepare it for the crockpot. I didn't realize this until I was already at work. What does a girl who struggles in the kitchen do? Oh yes, she remembers she has a Pampered Chef deep dish baker that has never been used so she goes online searching for recipes for the chicken. And wa la!  A couple of recipes for baking a whole chicken in the oven.  Momma like!

The recipes were easy but I didn't necessarily like all the ingredients in all of them so I took a little of this and a little of that to make, um, the best chicken ever! So moist. So good. So much better then the crockpot chicken.

What I used was: The chicken, lemon juice, butter, crushed garlic with black pepper seasoning, New Mex seasoning, Garlic salt, Cayenne Pepper.

What I did was: One recipe called for lemons cut in quarters and stuck inside the chicken. I didn't have lemons so I squirted lemon juice all over inside.  I put the mixture of seasonings on the inside and rubbed them all over the outside.  One recipe called for butter inside and out. Well, that's a lot of butter so I put 5 little spoonfulls over the top of the chicken and squished them down a little (I was hoping they wouldn't slide off right away).  Then I placed the chicken in my deep dish baker, put the lid on and baked it for one and a half hours at 350 degrees.  Then I removed the lid and baked for an additional 10 minutes.  I checked to make sure the internal temp was at 180 before calling it done.

That was a delish chicken I tell ya!