22 November 2011

Being Thankful

Hiya! Can you believe it's Thanksgiving time already? Wholey moley! I haven't even began to start thinking about Black Friday. Actually, I think I am skipping it this year.  I have been working so many hours that I may want to chillax all day on Friday. Plus I am having some girl time with one of my dearest friends on Sunday. Lunch and a little shopping - yup!

I am always counting my blessings and I am Thankful for everything in my life, even the hard stuff.  Remember, the hard stuff brings lessons and lessons help make us better people. Right? Right.

I spent some time recently reflecting on all of the things I am thankful for and I jotted down the first 100 {yes 100} things that came to mind.  You should try this, it's easy and rewarding.

1.      a good life – we aren’t rich but we are happy & that is what matters to us.
2.      good health
3.      mucho happiness
4.      my amazing family who I love dearly
5.      my family’s good health
6.      our wonderful friends
7.      the gift of giggles
8.      our puppies
9.      boots – I just love boots
10.  good food
11.  mashed potatoes – it’s a weakness
12.  our home
13.  my job
14.  my work ethic
15.  my awesome time management skills
16.  my co-workers who make me go hmmm every day. Love these people!
17.  hubber’s job
18.  our daughter and her creativity
19.  my creativity
20.  hot water
21.  coffee – it’s getting me through these 12 hour days
22.  cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, basalmic vinegar – the snack of champions
23.  google
24.  Verizon – a must have
25.  denim
26.  my ability to knit – I enjoy this
27.  yarn and knitting needles
28.  the sewing machine – I will have one some day {hopefully sooner rather then later}
29.  the liking I have taken to cooking
30.  the crock pot
31.  our break from softball – even though it’s short. It’s something.
32.  my vehicle
33.  our kitties – I think they are happy we got pup #2. He keeps #1 out of their hair.
34.  my hair lady – she keeps me purdy
35.  pampered chef cooking stones – I swear they make food taste better
36.  the flat iron
37.  the hair dryer
38.  the iron – yes I even iron my jeans
39.  t.v.
40.  dvr – I can’t even imagine how many VHS tapes we would have
41.  hairspray
42.  makeup
43.  duct tape – it’s daughter’s new love so I love it too. She is making some pretty cool things.
44.  blogs – I read some really good ones
45.  my ability to not be so quick to judge others
46.  people who don’t talk about others especially when they don’t know their situation
47.  facebook – I love staying connected with the people I care about
48.  my confidence
49.  people who pay it forward –  selfless people make the world a better place.
50.  the holidays – all of the food - yumma!
51.  the Christmas holiday – it’s my favorite.
52.  Christmas stockings – my favorite part of Christmas morning.
53.  the elliptical
54.  the treadmill
55.  our 7lb weights
56.  the dishwasher
57.  daughter’s love for veggies
58.  talented people
59.  people magazine
60.  coffee places – I don’t have a favorite
61.  New York – we’ll go back some day
62.  street lights – I am kind of a scaredy cat
63.  the microwave – without this I would be eating cold lunch every day
64.  blankets
65.  pillows
66.  the fire place
67.  swimming pool – summer fun!
68.  the hot tub – year around fun!
69.  our house not catching fire when the bbq did the other night – phew!
70.  my ability to read and write
71.  my patience – I have a lot of it
72.  the power prayer – I find myself praying more and more. It’s nice.
73.  snow – I love the snow
74.  airplanes – such a time saver. How long would it take to row to Hawaii?
75.  grocery stores
76.  farmer’s markets – I have tried different things but my thumb isn’t green enough
77.  cleaning supplies – every household should have these ;o)
78.  friends and family gathering
79.  truths
80.  crafts
81.  scented candles
82.  slippers
83.  wool socks
84.  the laptop
85.  my camera
86.  sweaters and hoodies
87.  uggs – wish I had a pair on right now
88.  toilet paper – can you imagine having to use a leaf or something? Eeek
89.  the washer and dryer
90.  matching socks – although daughter would say this is not cool these days
91.  the dollar store – they have goodies – seek and you shall find
92.  wrapping paper and fancy bows – I like cute packages
93.  our garage – I am not a windshield ice scraper
94.  fall leaves – they are so pretty to look at and fun to jump in
95.  green grass
96.  fresh flowers
97.  pumpkin seeds – so yumma and so good for you
98.  my SF 49ers and their good season, so far
99.  dryer sheets – they smell good
100. green tea – my 3 – 4 cups a day have kept me healthy [knock on wood]

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Have safe travels and get lots of r&r.