02 November 2011

Halloween Bash - Softball Style

This past weekend our mighty, mighty Mizuno girls participated in the Halloween Bash/Breast Cancer Awareness tournament.  Each team was given the option to dress up on Saturday. 

There were some cute costumes but I think we looked the best.  We incorporated both Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness.  Our coach's shirts even had pink on them.

We asked them to look tuff for this picture. hee tee hee

How did they do you ask?  They did great! Another weekend of improvement and about a notch higher on the skill level chart.  This team rocks!  It's not every tournament that 3 different players on your team each hit a home run. Yep, it's true.  And, once again we had quick thinking, quick plays, hard hits, awesome outfielders, good pitching and catching and the best thing-everyone hit the ball.  I don't think one player was in a slump last weekend. Not one.