17 November 2010

What's on your plate? C is for Celery

Good afternoon!
Who doesn't like celery?
I mean really, you can actually burn calories while eating it.
Can't go wrong there now can we.

Did you know?
Celery is:
High in Dietary Fiber
High in Vitamin A, B2, B5, B6, C, K
High in Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium
Low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol

Celery health benefits include having acetylenics which prevents cancer. Combine with phenolic acids (chemical which prevent growth of abnormal cells) It is a much better cancer fighter than other vegetables.

On top of the above celery health benefits, celery is known to be a negative calories vegetable. Which means that the body uses more energy to digest than absorb calories from it. WAHOOZIE!

As an estimation, a medium stalk of celery contains around 10 calories, 2g of carbohydrates, 1g of protein, zero fats and cholesterol. Nice!

Some ways we like to eat our celery are:
Stuffed with peanut butter
Stuffed with a cream cheese and chopped olive mixture
Chopped and added to tuna
Sliced in a salad
Just plan. This is only me actually. Yep, I like it plan.