21 December 2009

Christmas on the coast

The Holiday festivities have begun.

This weekend we spent time with family
on the Northern Coast to celebrate

Even though it was foggy, then rainy,
it was so much fun!
So Relaxing.
So Cozy!

Hubby was already up there so
Kylee and I drove up Friday evening.

The fog was bad along the coast in the late afternoon
so my wonderful Hubby had his
stepdad drop him off in Jenner so
he could drive us back up to the house.

The roads get pretty crazy on Hwy 1 from Jenner
 and it lasts for about 20 miles.
I did not want to drive that road if I couldn't see it!

Well, guess what? By the time we picked up
hubby and resumed our drive
the fog had rolled back out over the coast
and the roads were clear.

Kylee was so cute.
She wanted to open a gift Friday night
like it was Christmas Eve.
Well I guess it was kind of
Christmas Eve since we
were there to celebrate the holiday
on Saturday.

So that lucky little munchkin opened a gift.
She was so excited to see what she got!

Ta da!

It's a jewelry bead loom

She was very happy. And still is!
We made bracelets and key chains
all weekend.

She has been wanting one of these for a long time.
Toys R Us has one shaped like a guitar
that she has had her eye on for a while.

Hmmm...wonder if that is one of the packages
under our tree.

Saturday we spent the entire day
making jewelry and watching
Christmas movies that my
mother-in-law had recorded.

Once the evening came we had a nice dinner
& watched Kylee open the rest of her gifts.
Her American Girl inventory
has grown...again.
She is a very happy girl.

Then we topped the night off with a
game of Apples to Apples.
Very fun. If you haven't played
I suggest you do!