10 December 2009

Holiday Decorating - Budget Style

Who doesn’t like to add the holiday cuteness to their home this time of year?

Who doesn’t like to spend a lot of money to do it? ME ME ME

Here are a few things you can do to add some holiday to your home without spending a stocking full of money.

***I am sure you have a vase or two lying around. Well get those out, dust them off and fill them with beads or ornaments. The Dollar Tree has a great selection of ornaments this year.

***Even glasses. Do you have an over abundance of glasses? If so, take a few of them, fill them with beads, rice, pine, etc…and top them off with a votive or tea light (in a holder). You can do votives and tea lights in the same arrangement for affect.

***You can also wrap your vases that aren’t clear or flower pots, with paper. Tie yarn or string around and add a few bells. Once done, add some water and a few flowers. Not only are they pretty but they will smell good too!

***Go to the park and collect twigs or small branches. Put them together in the shape of a wreath and add some berries. Michaels craft store is having a great sale on their holiday décor right now. You can find the berries there. The berries can also be universal – used year around. Change the ribbon color for the other seasons.

***Frame Christmas cards. Do you have any lying around from years past? If not go to Walmart or Target and get a few. These are good for bathrooms or as fillers on your counters.

***Framed family photos of the holidays are always my favorite thing to have out on the mantel along with garland and the stocking holders & a few candles. I have photos going back 9 years. This is my favorite Christmas decoration.

I hope you find these ideas useful. What do you do? Any other ideas you can share?

Happy decorating!

Your Realtor,