16 December 2009

Handmade Stockings!

We are lucky enough to have great crafty people
in our lives. 
Well great people all around really.
And, a few of them are pretty darn crafty.

Our dear family friend, Kathy Palomar, made us
these stockings years ago. 
I love them!

We also have hand knit stockings from
Grandma Flossie.
They have our birth year on them
instead of our names.
They look like big knit socks and
are equally adorable.
They will make my blog next year.

We only have 1 fireplace
so we have to rotate
the stockings. 
Next year we will have 2 fireplaces
so all of the goodness will be hanging
waiting for Santa's treats!

Ahhh, definitely one of my favorite things
to do on Christmas morning is
to dive into my stocking!