01 December 2009

2 Cups of Thanksgiving & a Pinch of Black Friday

Well, well, well...Thanksgiving.  We had a great one...actually 2!

Round 1: Our holiday began Thanksgiving morning as we drove to Fresno. Not out of the ordinary except we also drove home that same night! Yes, we heart driving. All sarcasim intended.  :)  Hey Black Friday was calling!

We got to spend time with my family this year...yeah! Grandpa, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, Brother, Sister, Nieces, Cousins...oh my!

My Aunt and Uncle were amazing hosts.  The decor was fabulous and the family time...well, that was SUPERB as usual. In the past few years, as a family, we have been dealt some bad cards for sure.  But we have prevailed! I, being one who believes everything happens for a reason, believes that my (our) grandmother has successfully gotten the family-in her own way, to love and appreciate one another. Almost all of us anyway. :) Gosh I miss her.  We all do.  I am truly THANKFUL for my life. For my family.

Our Hosts - Uncle & Aunt

She was worried my brother wouldn't be there

There he is. He cooks!

Brother & Sister-in-law

Look at my cute little niece-Oh and her mom & dad :)

Me, Mom & Brother

Two cousins & their girlfriends (and my hubby)


We had a great day!

Black Friday: We drove from Fresno to drop Kylee of at her friend's house then went to stand in line at Toys R Us with some friends-we were there at 11:30pm (Thursday).  Crazy, but fun!  We shopped and napped until about 2:00pm (Friday) then met some friends for dinner. Thanks Tammy & Hanh!  The food was great!

Thanksgiving...round 2: Sunday we met Jamie's brothers at my in-law's. We had a fabulous dinner - as usual. 

My in-laws read my blog and decided to be little pranksters. I had blogged about the leftovers we always get from them.  So....we get to their house and there is this round thing wrapped in foil.  I thought it was wierd that there was something already wrapped in foil but assumed it was something brother-in-law had brought over.

Hmmm...nope...Pops told me that was the turkey for me to take home. Since I was banking on leftovers they cooked me a whole turkey!

Yeah, well, little Mr. & Mrs. Funny had this under the foil

Yes, that is a hen. HA HA HA
It was so funny! 
That little thing was GOOD! 

By the way, we did have two turkeys and all of the fixings so YES, I had mucho leftovers.  I am bummed that I forgot my camera though.

We had great Thanksgivings & I hope you did too!