25 November 2009

Have a Thankful Thanksgiving!


May it be full of great company, awesome conversation
and wonderful food.
(we must not forget to mention the food)

This year we are lucky enough to get
two Thanksgiving feasts! YUM

One on Thanksgiving and one on Sunday.

The family is spreading out this year.

My littlest brother, who is getting married in April
is spending the holiday out of town with his
fiance's family.

We will be out of town spending the holiday with my family.

And my other little brother will be here from LA. Hmmm
go figure!

So, thankfully my in-laws
(who love to cook)
are doing Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday
so we can all be together.

I love when they cook.
They are good at it and they
always send us home with leftovers!


Have a wonderful day!