09 November 2009

A Quick (and much needed) Get Away with the Hubby

Hello Las Vegas!
I really heart Las Vegas
and I don't even gamble that much!
There is so much more to do, and see.

This trip was extra special.
Not only did we go to Las Vegas
my Dad, Mom2, Sister, Brother-in-law all came too!

We had a great time!
Fabulous conversation!
Wonderful meals!

The family was operating on East coast time so they turned in early on Satuday.  Jamie and I went to the piano bar in the NY NY hotel for a while.  This place is one of our favorite spots in Vegas.  I think the actual name is the Bar in Times Square.  So much energy here! This was our pit stop before heading to a 10:30 show at the Luxor.  (shout out to the Amazing Race) hee hee

The show got out just after midnight and we were hungry. Thank goodness PF Chang was open until 1AM. We just made it.  We sat outside and ate our snack...dinner...breakfast-what ever you call it at 1AM, that's what we had and boy was it DELISH!

Sunday was our day to head home.  We had a nice family breakfast at the Bellagio then walked through some of the shops in Ceasar's together before Jamie and I left.

My hubby. My best friend. My everything.

I heart him.

My sister & I

I heart her too.
Wish they lived closer.
Maybe some day.

The fountains at the Bellagio

Pretty!  Pretty Awesome!

We had a great time but wish it could have lasted a little longer.

Until next time!