03 November 2009

Sushi - Homemade Style!

A must purchase - Maki Sushi Ki. 

We have a large one (your normal sized roll) and a small one (bite sized roll).

Husband and I found this fabulous item up at Apple Hill this past weekend. High Hill Ranch to be specific. 

They are really Kylee's - one of her bday presents.  Our girl LOVES sushi!

What you do is:

1) Start the rice. Sticky sticky is key; trust me. First attempt, not so...um...well, they fell apart.  Darn rice!  Tip: Don't use Uncle Ben's.

2) Decide what you want in your sushi and get it prepared. We chose salmon, shrimp, crab, shredded veggies, avocado & cream cheese.

3) Wraps! Soy for us and seaweed for Kylee.  P.S. Safeway sells the soy wrap. It is a new item. :o)

Kylee's ingredients

The sushi rice recipe is on the back of the rice bag.  Or if you get the Maki Sushi Ki they have an instruction sheet included and it has some recipes for different rolls too!

Rice in and pressed. Time for the goodies!

Ready to be topped off with rice.

Ready. Set. Wrap!

Let's eat! YUM-O!

We have made about 10 rolls so far.
Since Saturday. 
Haven't had to go back to the store yet. 
Now that is the way I like it. Sushi on a budget!

Give it a try and let me know how your rolls turn out.

Next time we will attempt the inside out roll. Can't wait!

Happy creating!

Your Realtor,


Oh ya! If you won't make it to Apple Hill you can visit their web site: