07 July 2011

PAMPERING ~it's kind of important~

Hi Folks ~ Today we are linking up to Gussy Sews. Each week she hosts a linky party titled Inspiration Workshop and each week has it's own theme. Pretty cool huh?  I sure think so. 

Anyhoo ... This week's prompt is Pamper Yourself.  We all need deserve a little pampering.  Wouldn't you agree? 

With as much as I have been working, running around, and now training for the 10k mud run I decided that I MUST make time for myself each week. Even if it's just 30 minutes.

I am in no way high maintenance so I am easily satisfied. My idea of pampering is having my toes and fingers done while sipping on a latte (hot or cold depending on the weather).  I can have them done in a salon or by a friend - either is just fine.  I like pretty painted nails and I like the way I feel when mine are pretty. 

Now, my dream day of pampering would go as follows:

Getting my fingers and toes done at an outdoor salon while sipping on that latte with this in my view ... 

Of course this is happening out of town so once done with my spa time I would shop casually through the little town boutiques.  Ahhh ... vacation please!

Road to our 10k: Last night I did 27 minues on the treadmill - 25 of those minutes were jogging and the other two were walking.  I have decided to focus on just minutes for this first week. Starting Monday I will be logging minutes and distance.  Yeeeee! Stay tuned.