14 July 2011

Summer [a short story]


When I think of Summer I think of water, sand, sunscreen (for daughter) and tanning oil.  I think of light, fresh foods, popsicles and tall, icy beverages.  I think of fun trips and lots of time outside.  Summer means the hot sun and I [heart] that. 

I lay out whenever I can, mainly when Hubber and Daughter are off at practice. Just me, my floaty, a book, tanning oil and one of those tall, icy beverages. 

When my family is home we enjoy swimming and hanging outside with Jeter.  Speaking of Jeter, he is not too fond of the pool just yet. I don’t think we have to worry about him trying out his swimming skills on his own any time soon.  Phew!

On those really hot days I like the shade with a side of breeze.  Especially when we are at those softball tournaments that last all weekend.  *Side note: Daughter’s team won the tournament last weekend – WOOT!*

[cue the sounds of time fast forwarding] It’s mid-July in No Cal and it’s barely 80 degrees.  Not hot enough to lie out because I am a wimp when it comes to cold pool water.  I want the heat back STAT. The End.