06 July 2011

Quick * Light * Easy it's What's on your plate?


Since Summer has been busy, busy, busy for us, and I assume you too, I thought I would share a little secret of ours.  Yes, I know that probably 4 out of 5 households with active children and/or working parents know about this, but just go with it, K? Great!  

The store bought rotisserie chicken has been a huge time life saver more times then I can count.  I especially like that you can do so much with this little chick and it's quick & easy-breezy too.

I have found the best chickens at SaveMart and Costco. I go to SaveMart most because we seem to want the chicken when we don't need to buy a pantry full of stuff. Know what I mean?

My favorite three things to do with this lovely bird are chicken salad, chicken fajitas and chicken tacos.  I do chicken salad more then the other two. It's light and I am on a health kick. :o) {trying to kick the bad eating habits} 

Since we are only a family of 3 humans we always have leftovers - YES! I [heart] leftovers because they make for easy lunches and I don't like wasting good food. 

Hmmm ... what's for dinner tonight? Oh ya, spaghetti. :o)

Road to our 10k: last night was minimal. I didn't want to start with guns blazing so I did 11 minutes on the eliptical and 11 minutes on the treadmill.  The exciting thing was I stopped on the treadmill, to get some work done, before I even got tired. woot! woot!  I may just do the treadmill tonight. We will see.