05 July 2011

A New Goal

Today I committed to run the 10k part of the Mud Runhappening in October.  I am going to do this with Misti, and whoever else wants to join us. 

Last year Misti ran the 5k with me and I am so thankful that she did.  I can honestly say I would have walked more than I ran/jogged had she not been there to keep me going.  You see, Misti is an experienced marathon runner and me, well let's just say at that point, I was still in the interval stage of running. HA! 

Let me tell you that the mud run was the hardest thing I have done but so rewarding at the same time.  I was estatic that I could walk after I crossed the finish line.  Seriously.

So this year, Misti suggested we do the 10k and I said 'OK'. eeek!  I took running/jogging consistently out of my workouts a while ago.  Guess I better add it back in and add it in quickly, like tonight.  I've got three and a half months to be in the 10k - not the slowest time having - shape. Know what I mean?

I CAN do this :: My goal is to work my patootie off to be 10k ready by October. I AM going to do this and I AM going to share what I do with all of you by adding progress to my posts.  I have decided to add what I did at the end of each post for two reasons; 1) maybe I can motivate a friend or two and 2) this holds be accountable to keep doing it.

So, here we go! Check back tomorrow for an update.  Weeeee! 

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