27 June 2011

writing things down {a new task for me}

I have decided I have so many ideas. So many things I want to do.  So many things I need to do.  In order to [remember] everything I need to start writing down my thoughts and to dos. 

I can be anywhere, see anything and get inspiration to do so much.  Guess what happens? I get so busy that I forget most of what I was thinking about. Sometimes the ideas will come back to me and somethimes they won't. 

The other night I had a thought; What if I jotted down notes like I type lengthy emails? I just start typing as the words come to me then I make my edits. All of my thoughts are there on the screen just a little mixed up sometimes. For me this is so much easier then sitting in the chair trying to think of what I am going to type. 

So there we have it ... This evening I am writing things down.

(Now only if I can remember everything I have thought about today. :0/)