21 June 2011

Hello Summer!

FINALLY! Summer has arrived, and arrived with 100+ temps to boot.  I am cool with this because I have been waiting and waiting and waiting ... thank you wacky No CA weather. 

One of my favorite things about Summer time is being able to add laps in the pool to my workouts.  I LOVE the water and the sun so bring it all. day. long.  Another is all of the cool, refreshing sweet treats we can make for ourselves to enjoy. 

  [mmm ... mmm ... good!]

Summers are wonderful and all about Daughter.  As long as she is enjoying every moment of every day I am happy. Hubber and I have to work so we rely on family, friends, camps, workbooks and books to keep her occupied.  Thankfully, we are lucky to be surrounded by so much love and awesome-ness.  Thanks Loved Ones

This Summer we only have one trip planned since softball is pretty much dictating our life at the moment.  That trip is softball related. Daughter's team will be playing in the Triple Crown World Series in July. We are pretty excited about this.

Welp, I've gotta run.  Enjoy your first day of Summer!