22 June 2011

What's on your plate? {goes in a glass}

Do you like smoothies? I do! And I like them a lot.  You can create a tasty smoothie without a recipe.

All you need is: frozen or fresh fruit, plain or flavored yogurt, or ice cream, and ice.

You can mix-n-match, you can have one flavor, you can have yogurt instead of ice cream (probably the healthier of the two) and you can use ice to get your desired thickness.

How do I make my favorite smoothie? Oh it's easy ... I add strawberries, blueberries and bananas to the blender with a little bit of ice and an Activa yogurt.  I blend to my desired texture then drink and enjoy.  mmm ... mmm ... yumma

So simple and perfect for the summer mornings, days and nights!