02 June 2011

back on the wagon

WHOA! I [accidentally] took a month long hiatus from my exercise
regimen.  It was only supposed to be 1 day off. HA!

Next thing I knew I was struggling to stay awake in the afternoons. 
Baffled for a minute? Yes. Then I quickly realized not only had
I fallen off of the exercise wagon but I had also slipped on my snacking too.
No, not slipped away from it, unfortunately. Instead
I was snacking on straight crap. Yep! chips, candy,
cupcakes (damn those co-workers), and
anything else that was sweet or totally not healthy. 

Buh-bye energy!
Well that didn't take long.
It's true what they say; 'your body is your temple.' 
Geesh darn it, my 'temple' must have been pissed at me! Rightfully
so I suppose.

Finally I stepped up and said, 'say no more you body temple thingy of mine. 
I'm back!'  All I needed was some self motivation and the drive
to get off my arse and just do it. Even if it was for only 15 minutes, I still
did it. And you know what? I am still doing it at least 5 days a week. WOOT!

That's it. My motivation was simply this: I didn't feel good being tired all of
the time.  I didn't feel as pretty.  My skin, my body, my attitude all
feels and looks great (in my opinion) when I am on the wagon and I wanted needed to get back to that confident, high on life feeling that I love so much.

So I did it. One day I came home and got straight to it - In my work clothes.
I did change my shoes for safety reasons. :O) Seriously though,
I could not sit down. I could not take the time to go change. I was
already trying to talk myself out of it on my way home from work
so I knew I had to make the move and make it quick.

Remember once you make something a habit it's easier to return to it
after a break.  The hardest part was creating
my habit: eating better and exercising

My advise is to just stick with the routine you have set for yourself. You have to do it over and over and over again, multiple times a week.
Even if you are tired you should at least do 15 minutes.

I have posted before about not being a gym or a video person.
That stuff does not motivate me.  I prefer to do the moves I have learned
from all of those visits to the gym and the purchased videos in the comfort of my own home in front of the t.v. watching the shows on the dvr.
That is works for me and because it works I am motivated to do it.

                          - jim ryun