23 June 2011

playing the day away

Hi Folks ~ today we are linking up to Gussy Sews. Each week she hosts a linky party titled Inspiration Workshop and each week has it's own theme. Pretty cool huh?  Well, last week I didn't quite get it, an well, let's just say I should have read the details first, so I decided to take another stab at it this week and wah la! I think I've got it.

This week's 'inspiration' is spend the day playing. No problem. It's Summer and we love to be outside getting our vitamin d, that's for sure.

We [heart] the pool the most on these hot Summer days.  All of us but little Jeter that is.  He doesn't quite know what to think of that oversized water dish so Daughter is trying to get him used to the water.  Her and her friend did get him to swim the other day. As long as he knows where the steps are, I am ok with it.

My favorite things to do while Hubber and Daughter are playing in the pool is to either be floating on a raft or laying out on a chair.  I am more of a sun tanner then a cannonball do-er.  Don't be fooled, I do get my jump on from time to time and it's normally when they least expect it. :o)

Enjoy your day any kind of way.