06 June 2011

Body & Soul Week :: The Dreaded Muffin Top

Welcome to Body & Soul week.  I thought this would be a perfect time to start a new feature, being pre-summer (if we ever see summer) and all. This is the other time, besides New Years, that we start thinking of ways to get our bodies looking great.  Part of looking great is feeling great which means you must also adjust your diet.  It’s a big deal people.  We all need a little encouragement and/or motivation to get our booties back to the rhythm, no matter how in shape we [think] we are, right?  Right!

Day 1 :: The Dreaded Muffin Top {insert long sigh here}

Ohhh boy! The dreaded Muffin Top.  EEEK!  Everyone, even boys, know what this is and most of us can't stand it. I am one of those who knows what it is and can't stand it AND unfortunately, I have a small one that appears at random. :o)  My goal is to get my muffin top to disappear forever.  I know I can do this as long as I do it the right way.  I am definitely on the right track.  Same with you, right?

While doing my research for the good tips I found out that crunchies can actually be more harmful than you think. Spinal experts believe that the abdominal crunch can affect the spine and lower back in a negative way, leading to back pain in the future. I used to do crunchies and thought I was doing something good for myself.  Guess not. 

Some exercises that are more effective for diminishing the muffin top are: squats, lunges, planks, side planks, mountain climbers, exercise ball roll outs, pilates & pushups.  I also combine a couple pilates and yoga moves with regular stretching and I like to use my 7lb weights whenever possible.  I love my 7lb weights.  :o) 

I have a routine that I have created by mixing the exercises that I enjoy doing and at the pace that I like.  I am currently doing 2 reps of 13 and I do my routine 5 days a week.  My max time, without cardio, is 35 minutes.  That's nothing and when I am in front of the t.v. the time seems like it flies by!  This is totally doable for anyone.  How much time do you spend on your tush watching t.v.?  Thought so.  See, problem solved.  Now get up and move! {said in my drill sergeant voice}

Some foods you can eat that help burn fat are: oatmeal, nuts, olive oil, berries, eggs, peanut butter, whole grains and green veggies.  Perfect!

Now, what's for dinner?