16 June 2011

Jeter's Feature {Episode 4}

Oh boy little Jeter has done some growing and a lot of the black on his adorable little face has turned brown.  He is so darn cute though. 

A few updates are ::
  1. Jeter LOVES to be outside. Thing is I am a paranoid puppy momma so I am constantly checking on him.  (I killed a humongous black widow last night that I had been chasing for a few nights, which relieved some of my fears)
  2. Jeter is done with sleeping in his crate and now sleeps on our bed.  We don't mind at all.  He is in his crate when no one is home though.
  3. Jeter enjoys stuffed animals & his rawhide bone over his other toys.  He will chase the squeeky ones, if you squeek them for him.
  4. He is still a little ornery when it comes to chewing on us and unattended shoes.  He takes things he isn't supposed to chew on then hides under our bed. Right smack dab in the center, under our bed. Smart little stinker!
  5. I am happy to report Jeter is mostly potty trained. I'm talking 95%, if I had to put a number on it. He still has an accident here and there but it is much better then where we were a month ago.
See how much he has changed ...

 [2 months old]

[5 months old]

... until next time ...