09 June 2011

Body & Soul Week :: The Booty

Welcome to Body & Soul week. I thought this would be a perfect time to start a new feature, being pre-summer (if we ever see summer) and all. This is the other time, besides New Years, that we start thinking of ways to get our bodies looking great. Part of looking great is feeling great which means you must also adjust your diet. It’s a big deal people. We all need a little encouragement and/or motivation to get our booties back to the rhythm, no matter how in shape we [think] we are, right? Right!

Day 4 :: The Booty {EEK! Yep we're going there today.}
Ok ladies let's be real. How many of us have stood in front of the mirror flexing our booty cheeks to see how many dimples appear? ME! Well folks, I'm tired of looking at those large golf balls attached to my backside, so I'm doing something about it.  You know what, it has been easy too.

I have started with lunges and squats - 2 reps of 15 right now, with a 7lb weight in each hand the entire time, 5 days a week.  I even do squats while I am blowdrying my hair (without the weights of course).  

Now I am ready to add more to my routine and I have found & learned so much while researching for this week's posts.  Check out this 15 minute Bootylicious Butt Workout. I picked this one because I love the name and a few of the moves could pose a challenge.  Bring it!